Car Dealer Prebuilt Content-Driven Web Site Solution

Our Car Dealer CMS Solution will enable you and your staff to add and modify your site with no HTML or programming knowledge (ready for advanced users). Imagine we supply the frame and engine built with your specs and requirements. You simply change the content whenever you need to.

Our Car Dealer CMS Solution comes with many of the same built-in options and pages you will see on larger custom web sites at a fraction of the cost.

• Low monthly hosting plans, no contracts.

• 1 car or 100 cars does not change the costs to you.

• No fees per car that’s listed and upload as many pictures per car as you wish. *limited to hosting plan limits.

• Choose your layout, colors, and more for your site.

• Easily add your cars to your online inventory, post to Craigslist and more within minutes.

Draw in out-of-town buyers

We build your site with your choice of layout.

* No web development contrats.

Control costs with the administration page, where you can monitor your inventory and cost.

Save time when posting to Craigslist, BackPage and other sites, just paste the pre-formatted content from your site into a Craigslist, BackPage or other listing.

Easily Print off pre-built window stickers and tags for each car.

Car Dealer Online Inventory

Easy to view and navigate your full online inventory from any web-based location. Your site will have a larger gallery to allow better viewing. Make it easy for your clients to find you and that special car they need.

Allow people to find the car they want at your location. Draw in those out of town buyers.

You control what and when content is added

Instantly add your new cars to your online inventory. Just fill out the form, upload to the gallery and just like magic your site is updated.

Users have the option to view the entire online inventory. They could also browse my Make, Body Style, Year, Drivetrain or Price.

Each car entry will have basic information, a gallery and a “more info” drop down.

Mark sold cars as “SOLD” for a period of time in case user has bookmarked car.

The admin inventory page will include all past and future cars not listed for public access yet. In addition to the info the public will see, the admin can enter extra info meant only for staff or the GM.

Post advanced Craigslist and BackPage posts

Have your Craigslist or BackPage post detail the car you wish to sel.

No need to retype all the info. Once you have the car entered into your site your staff will have access to a page formatted for use in Craigslist, BackPage and similar sites.

They will also have all your contact informatione.

They will also have lists for some of your other cars from your site that you are selling.

You also have the ability to add your own information at the footer of the post.

Built with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) included

We build our sites with SEO from the ground up. Not only will we work with you on setting up the best SEO settings for your site. But our sites will notify major search engines whenever you make updates to your site.

One of our sites features includes a dynamic Sitemap that will be updated whenever you make changes or additions to your site. The search engines use this sitemap in their efforts to index and discover your site and changes.

Our managed hosting clients also include our ongoing monitoring of your sites SEO and analytics. As time goes on we will modify and fine tune your site to best serve request with keywords and searches.

We can also work with our clients to set up online advertising campaigns.

Print Window Stickers and Tags

You will have access to pre-built pages that you can print out for your online inventory.

Window Stickers that you can print onsite with no additional outside costs. The users of the site will also have access to print these off for their own uses.

Tags that can be printed off and with a couple of cuts with a scissor and or hole punch you can easy attach these to the rear view mirror.


Have upcoming or weekly Special listed in the “Specials area”. You can post as many Specials as you wish, along with attaching all ready created inventory or service pages to these specials.

Mobile Mobile Access*

Our sites will detect if a user is viewing your site from a mobile device and send them to pages made for Mobile Devices.

This will be a copy of all your public pages made and built especially for Mobiles phone such as Iphone and other devices.

The pages will have smaller files sizes and less features then the full website may have. Basically a striped down version made for easy viewing and use while using mobile devices

Online Support and Knowledge Base

Current clients have access to up to the date documents and How to PDF’s on our online Knowledge base.

Our PDF documents go over all aspects of your day in and day out usage of your site. Simple to read step by step process to get you going on everything you should need to do on your site.

We also offer our clients the ability to submit support tickets to our support staff. From simple question not found in the knowledge base to issues you may have with your site. There is no change for these services to our current clients.

Our clients can also submit service request through our Help desk for changes that may need to be made to your site or additional pages that may need to be created. Depending on the needs and hosting package of your site there may be an additional fee for these services or upgrades. Our support staff will work with you to find the best solution for your sites needs and discuss any charges before work begins.

Technical Details

  • Sites are hosted on our own dedicated servers located in central Ohio with a very secure and redundant network
  • SEO (Search engine optimized) Start out strong and have your site search engine friendly
  • Sites4YourBusiness will manage the Yahoo, Bing, and Google Web Master tools. (SEO)
  • Site map driven from your menu and core pages. This also is used by the search engines to check out your site
  • You will have access to monitor your sites traffic and Google Analytics will be setup
  • Ability to easily change out your top banner
  • Ability to change left navigation bar with different pictures and content to match current specials
  • Ability to change front page bottom 4 content boxes with specials or different content
  • Easily change any of your core pages such as Sales, Service, Loans, About, Contact, Location, Legal Pages and more
  • Ability to monitor and control your mailing lists and web based forms. Notify users of new arrivals or upcoming specials
  • Includes a single copy of our AutoDealer solution for single domain and custom artwork / menus for same single domain.

Up to 3 hours of training with you behind the pc that you will be using to manage your site.

Logged in Members only pages

  • Control Panel: This is where you will control your site content. Add / remove entries, send mailings, and everything else.
  • Printable Administration only Sales Sheet: meant for owners or general managers, list all info, including if used, cost, date of purchase, in-house work done with cost, date sold, sold by who, sold for how much and more.
  • Craigslist port: Special pages formatted to fit Craigslist’s required and allowed HTML code. Simply copy from your site and past with in a Craigslist entry.